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Dia Bracelets

Dia Bracelets

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E&O's signature piece and where it all began.

Say hello to your new daily drivers! These Dia® Bracelets are made for someone who puts their jewelry on and keeps it on 24/7. Dia's will not tarnish or rust, so you can wear them at work or play, in the shower, pool, or sea. Let them carry you from day to night, beach to black tie!

'Being both soft & strong is a combination very few have mastered.' - Y. Mogahed

Each set is made up of individual stainless steel industrial springs

Because Dia are springs, they will stretch & rebound to an extent but WILL lose shape if pulled with force. Please be gentle while taking bracelets on & off. Roll on a few at a time!

The name "Dia" was taken from the Greek word meaning “through”. We do not get "over" things in our lives, we go "through" them. Dia bracelets are jewelry that can be worn through anything life presents you with.

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