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Pride & Prejudice Jane Austen - Funny Birthday Greeting Card

Pride & Prejudice Jane Austen - Funny Birthday Greeting Card

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Introducing Jones Street Press's "PRIDE & PREJUDICE," funny and clever Birthday Greeting Card.

Ideal for the devoted Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice fan who appreciates a witty and clever birthday card almost as much as Elizabeth Bennett would. Whether they prefer the book, miniseries, or movie adaption, a true Austenite will not miss the hilarity of this reference. Send an Austen devotee this card in celebration of her birthday. She is anything but inferior but she'll get the joke. Fun Fact: Jane once accepted a proposal, only to rescind it the very next day. Check out the back of the card for a brief and entertaining historical insight.

Each WITTY 4.25"x 5.5" folded greeting card is digitally printed on bright white, thick card stock and comes with a light pink A2 square flap envelope.

Card wording: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, let us rejoice the inferiority of your birth" paired with an illustrated portrait of Jane Austen Blank Inside Packaged individually in a clear sleeve

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